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Live Video - Member Group Networking

Since G6ten participants are all across the city, because of this we embrace live video (web cam and internet based) networking.  This is a simple and easy way for our participants to get introduced to one another, learn a little about one another and ultimately help one another.  These video networking sessions can easily lead participants to more personal 1 on 1 meetings and networking.

All it takes is a reasonable web cam.

We use as our platform.
All participants must use a headset or earbuds.  Otherwise, audio challenges will occur.

How To Sign Up - It is FREE (Video)
To test your system, you can easily start a meeting by yourself.
Please be sure to keep track of your username and password.

How To Enter A Zoom Meeting (Video)

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It is projected that we will have these live video networking sessions earlier in the morning so as not to interfere with the rest of your day.